It’s smart to fail…

Joel Spolsky has an article telling us all the Live Mesh is a stupid application doomed for failure and that both Google and microsoft are idiot companies using their resources in stupid ways.

Architecture astronauts take over – Joel on Software

Well, it might get head lines, Joel, but you are as dead wrong as you can get.

First, while YOU may not see the benefit in Live Mesh, I certainly do.  I already have parts of what Live Mesh does cobbled together on my computer.  The fact that Live Mesh does this FOR me, is beautiful.  Maybe you only work at one computer, but many of us use multiple computers.  Use our laptop at coffee shops for example but need to access our desktop at home or at work.

In fact, I can’t wait for my invite (anyone want to invite me?)

Second, how the heck do you expect good applications to appear without attempting what end up to be failures along the way?  Failure is the only way to get good apps.  Hiring the brightest minds and letting them “Play Foosball”… maybe, just maybe, that’s the best way to come up with the killer app.  It seems to be working for Google and it seems to have worked for Microsoft.

Finally, if you have a better way, why not start your own company and do it your way?  Telling two of the biggest, successfully organizations on the planet how to run their business is as arrogant as a fat potato couch telling a pro football player how to play football.

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