DotNetNuke Skinning – Containers

Today we move our focus to DotNetNuke containers. Not because we are done with skins, but because we can’t go any further in our discussion of skinning until we cover containers.

As with skins, we need to be able to specify where the module should be located that the container will hold. We do this with a tag that will look very similar to a tag we used in the skin:

<div id="ContentPane" runat="server">

Note: the DIV tag could very easily be any tag that surrounds content, like the TD tag, just like we were able to do in the skin.

If you’ve been around DotNetNuke for any length of time, you already know that containers also have the ability to display a drop-down menu for administrators, Links for RSS feeds and printing, expand and collapse functionality, as well as many other lesser-known features. This functionality is added to a container using Container Objects. Container Objects work similarly to Skin objects in that they are bits of ASP.NET user control fragments that get added into our ASCX file to tell it to add a specific functionality.

ASP.NET Code Description
<%@ Register TagPrefix="dnn"
    Src="~/Admin/Containers/ActionButton.ascx" %>


This displays a button or icon, controlled by the attributes, for the various actions that are available to a DotNetNuke module:

  • AddContent
  • EditContent
  • ContentOptions
  • SyndicateModule
  • ImportModule
  • ExportModule
  • OnlineHelp
  • ModuleHelp
  • HelpText
  • PrintModule
  • ModuleSettings
  • DeleteModule
  • ClearCache
  • MoveTop
  • MoveUp
  • MoveDown
  • MoveBottom
  • MovePane
  • MoveRoot

The most common actions used with this tag are:

  • AddContent
  • EditContent
  • SyndicateModule
  • PrintModule
<%@ Register TagPrefix="dnn"
    Src="~/" %>

id="dnnDropDownActions" />

This tag displays a drop-down list box with all of the actions available listed in it.
<%@ Register TagPrefix="dnn"
    Src="~/Admin/Containers/Icon.ascx" %>

<dnn:Icon runat="server"
id="dnnIcon" />

Displays the icon assigned to the module.
<%@ Register TagPrefix="dnn"
    Src="~/Admin/Containers/LinkActions.ascx" %>

id="dnnLinkActions" />

Displays actions as hyperlinks in a horizontal list.
<%@ Register TagPrefix="dnn"
    Src="~/A...ers/SolPartActions.ascx" %>
id="dnnSolPartActions" />

Displays the triangle for the module context menu that has all the actions. This is the triangle we are most often used to seeing represent the actions for a module and is probably the one you will use.
<%@ Register TagPrefix="dnn"
    Src="~/Admin/Containers/Title.ascx" %>

<dnn:Title runat="server"
id="dnnTitle" />

This displays the title of a particular instance of a module as specified in module settings.
<%@ Register TagPrefix="dnn"
    Src="~/Admin/Containers/Visibility.ascx" %>


Displays an icon that represents the expanded or collapsed state of the module. Clicking on the icon switches the state.

Most of these tags have additional attributes that control how the control will look when it is displayed. You can find more information in the DotNetNuke Skinning PDF that is part of the documentation ZIP file that you can download from the DotNetNuke site.

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