DotNetNuke Skinning – SolPartMenu

When you first encounter the SolPartMenu skin object, you may become a bit overwhelmed by all of the options.  But, it doesn’t take long to realize that you can ignore most of the attributes on the list and stick to a small subset that really matter.

The SolPartMenu object has two basic modes. CSS mode and Attribute mode.  That is, you can control everything by specifying an attribute, or you can specify all but a few items by using CSS.

We will concentrate on using CSS for our menu definition.  But first, a few attributes you may want to specify.

Attribute Explanation
display This controls the top level menu’s orientation.  Appropriate values are “horizontal” and “vertical”
level By default, the menu will display starting with the root level.  But it can start from the current page’s children or siblings.  Available values are, “Root”, “Child”, and “Same”
rootonly true or false.  By default, the submenus for a menu item will display.  Setting this to false shows only the top level menu items based on what was set for “level”.
separator text in this attribute, includeing html, will be used as a separator between the root level menu options.

Beyond these attributes are the obvious CSS attributes, and if you really want to get fancy extra attributes that allow you to place html around the various items.

This control has a lot of potential.  The best advice I can give to you is to start with as little as possible the first time you use it and build up from there as you get comfortable with it.

Once you get comfortable with this object, the other skin and container objects will seem trivial.

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