UML needs fixing claims founder

UML needs fixing claims founder – Strategy – Development Process – Builder AU

Fixing?  It needs to be shot!

OK.. maybe that’s a bit strong.  But, the problem with UML is that it has tried to abstract all of the various languages and ways of programming into symbols and pictures.

While I would agree that some of the tools are useful.  I have found that if I actually did a full UML spec on any of the projects I work on, by the time I got it spec’d the application would never get built.

The real problem with UML is that people look at UML and think, “I have to use it all or I’m not doing UML.”  Which is exactly what Jacobson is addressing.  However, coming up with “Essential UML” still codifies something that should not be codified.  What is essential UML for you may not be essential for me.

The problem isn’t UML.  The problem is how it gets used.

I hardly ever use UML now.  Not because I’m anti UML, but because it doesn’t solve the problems I’m currently working on.  But when I am working on a project that I need to “see” on paper, it’s nice that there is a standard language for doing this.

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