Friday Books – Agile Software Development with Scrum

AgileWithSrum Agile?


What’s that got to do with ASP.NET?

Just about everything.

ASP.NET is a development environment that allows you to create applications quickly.  With it, you should be able to create “something that does something” quickly, show it to your customer, get feedback, and continuing making refinements until you have an application the customer is happy with.

Let’s face it.  Most people don’t know what they want until they see it.  And once they see what they can do, they want more.

Agile generally and Scrum specifically was design just for that.

Agile Software Development with Scrum will give you a good overview of Scrum in a relatively easy to read book.  It may not be the only book you need, but it will lay the ground work for your understanding of Scrum and what the rules of Scrum are.

From the Back Cover

Arguably the most important book about managing technology and systems development efforts, this book describes building systems using the deceptively simple process, Scrum. Readers will come to understand a new approach to systems development projects that cuts through the complexity and ambiguity of complex, emergent requirements and unstable technology to iteratively and quickly produce quality software.


  • Learn how to immediately start producing software incrementally regardless of existing engineering practices or methodologies
  • Learn how to simplify the implementation of Agile processes
  • Learn how to simplify XP implementation through a Scrum wrapper
  • Learn why Agile processes work and how to manage them
  • Understand the theoretical underpinnings of Agile processes

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