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other-076 You may think that you don’t need a temporary table.  But if you’ve ever retrieved data from your database or retrieved data from a table and put it in a list of some sort simply to process it further with your code, you need to learn about temporary tables.

I’ve also needed to use Temporary Tables to simulate arrays in my stored procedures.  You can pass in a comma delimited list and then have your stored procedure process the list into a temporary table, making the information easier to evaluate.

In the first case, we reduce the amount of data that needs to pass between our database and our code.  In the second case, there aren’t any other options to achieve what it is we want to do.

Creating a temporary table looks very similar to creating a regular table.  The only difference is that we put a pound sign (#) in front of the name of the table name.

    CREATE TABLE #ourTable
        ID int,
        fieldTwo varchar(50),
        fieldThree int

Then, later in our code, we can use it like a regular table:

INSERT INTO #ourTable ([ID] ,
    [fieldTwo], [fieldThree]) VALUES(@ID,

As a dotNet programmer there is a small quirk about temporary tables you need to know about.  If you return a temporary table from a stored procedure, the wizards will not be able to see it so that they can create your DataTable in your DataSet correctly.  My suggested work-around for this is to create a real table and have your stored procedure use that table while you are running the DataTable wizard.  Then, once you have the DataTable, change your stored procedure back to using the temporary table.

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