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jQuery – Auto Scrolling the Slider

B03B0037 Question from Yuhsin:

I would like to make the jquery steps slider to do auto-increment when the window loads. Is there an easy way to trigger the slide to move by itself ?

I’m assuming this question is looking for the content to auto scroll as well.  So let’s pull up the code from last week and take a look at this issue.

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Unable to find connection…for object web.config

J01C0089 I’ve seen this error a couple of different times.  Mostly from other people calling me with the problem.  So I still don’t know what ultimately causes the problem.  But if you’re having this problem, here’s how you fix it.

First, a bit of background.

You’ll open a dataset you’ve been working with for months and see the following error message:

Unable to find connection [connectionName] (web.config)1 for object ‘Web.config’.  The connection string could not be found in application settings, or the data provider associated with the connection string could not be loaded.

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Infinite 302 Loop – How would you even know?

trav-053 It happens eventually to all web developers.  It’s happened to me twice in the last week.  You make one simple change to your web site and then you can no longer access it.  When you browse to it in IE you get some completely useless “We can’t access the page you are looking for” error.  In FireFox, it at least tells you that you have a “Redirect Loop” and in IE6, if you are fortunate enough to still be writing for that browser, you can see that it is blinking at you as it tries to retrieve the page(s) multiple times.  But how do you know what’s redirecting to what?

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Windows Forms – Passing Parameters at Runtime

misc_vol4_028 I received the following question over the weekend:

I’ve made a C# form application and I need to send a report name at runtime. How do I add an incoming parameter to the command line? Such as “crFORM.exe Shipform.rpt”

I have to assume the question relates more to how to retrieve the parameter in the code than how to pass it because the example shows how we’d pass it.

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