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Friday Books – Architecting Applications…

microsoft® .NET: Architecting Applications for the Enterprise (PRO-Developer)

Microsoft.NET_ArchitectingApplicationsForTheEnterprise(PRO-Developer)Make the right architectural decisions up front and improve the quality and reliability of your results. Led by two enterprise programming experts, you’ll learn how to apply the patterns and techniques that help control project complexity and make systems easier to build, support, and upgrade right from the start. Get pragmatic architectural guidance on how to: Build testability, maintainability, and security into your system early in the design Expose business logic through a service-oriented interface Choose the best pattern for organizing business logic and behavior Review and apply the patterns for separating the UI and presentation logic Delve deep into the patterns and practices for the data access layer Tackle the impedance mismatch between objects and data Minimize development effort and avoid over-engineering and deliver more robust results Get code samples on the Web. Read the rest of this entry »