Microsoft to Release VB6 as OpenSource

And create another open source language called CFlat (let’s see, wouldn’t that be BNatural?)

Read all about it here:

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4 Responses to “Microsoft to Release VB6 as OpenSource”

  • Jack:

    Good news, although the VB6 is out date, but the source code will give us lots.

  • That would be great for openoffice integration and a relief to all those poor stranded VB6 developers left in the lurch bt big bad M$.

    At least now the opensource community can support the legacy programs developed in VB6 which still could benefit a lot of people in the future.

    The opensource community already has LAMP. We need to convince the world of programmers to develop most of the softwares into one language. We see a lot of LAMP projects now but how about a committee for a simple natural programming language.

    Computers are powerful enough to support any human like natural language we want to throw at them.

    The natural language should compile to a simple language like JAVA or C.

    If I had to pick one I would pick Java over C as the destination language just because of standardization and a bit more machine independence.

    People shall not like the idea initially but in the long term it is better for the future.

    You can make a Java to C converter in case you really need C for everything.


    Khawar Nehal

  • Dave:

    Did you read the original article?

  • Lold:

    Asked to comment, ScottGu said: “April’s Fools!” is on the very bottom of the post.