WebHostForSEO – Fail!


This is just a quick post to warn anyone thinking about using WebHostForSEO.com that you are better off using just about anyone else.

I signed up to put up some wordpress blogs.

I’ve been with them for 5 months.

I’ve had hosting trouble at least once per month since day one.  This goes down in my book as the absolute worst hosting company I have ever used, and I’ve had several.

Second, the premise of a multi class C hosting company is flawed so you really shouldn’t even bother with this type of hosting to begin with.  Even though there are better services out there.

Normally, you’d buy web hosting from a company like WebHostForSEO because you have a lot of domains you want to host all at once but you want to spread them out over multiple IP addresses so that the SEO value of the links improves and to reduce the ability of Google to detect that all of the domains are hosted at the same location.

Great theory, but there is one problem with it.  IP addresses are assigned to organizations and they can be geo-coded.  So, it doesn’t take a lot of work for the big G to figure out that these domains are all on the same server.  Especially if they all go out at the same time as well as being owned by the same person.

If you really need a service like this, make sure the IP addresses are owned by separate entities and hosted in physically separate locations.

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