Why You Should Click on the Ad If It Interests You

D03A0033 I posted a statement on Twitter about how I am convinced that programmers are cheapskates and was met with a response that stated he “won’t click ads…”  which is exactly what prompted my tweet in the first place.

So I asked, Why?

“Most of the time they aren’t relevant to me, and if they are, I don’t want to cost the advertiser money.”

Which shows me that some of you need some education about how marketing on the Internet works.  Here are some reasons why you should click on an advertisement if it interests you.

First, I want to be clear that I’m not suggesting that you click on advertisements that  are of no interest to you.  But if an advertisement is of interest, then you should click it.

Not clicking the advertisement costs the advertiser money.

This may sound counterintuitive until you understand how advertising on the Internet works. 

You see, most advertisers that are going to be in business for any length of time track their ads.  They want to know which ad is working best, what keywords work best, what site works best, whether the ad is paying for itself.  By not clicking on the ad, you rob the advertiser of these metrics.

Many ads are already paid for.

Not only do you rob the advertiser of the metrics, but in many cases you also aren’t really saving him any money.  A site like mine that has a lot of traffic can get paid per impression or per month.  You might as well click the ads on this site as not as far as the advertisers are concerned.

Not clicking on ads costs the site owner money.

You’ve come to the site and one would hope that you found something of interest.  You get it for free in the same way that listening to the radio is free.  You don’t have to pay to listen, but there is advertising that is paying for the service.  If you like the content the radio is providing, you put up with the advertisements and maybe even buy something.  In both cases, if the advertiser thinks that his ads are not effective on a particular radio station, he’ll stop advertising there.  On the Internet the advertiser can actually KNOW whether the ad is working or not, by how many times it gets clicked and by how many sales those clicks result in.

How long do you think your favorite site will stay up if you don’t click  on the ads?

Not clicking on ads wastes your time.

Instead of clicking the ad and going straight to the site, you now have to either type in the URL directly if you have it or you have to search for the company on the search engines and get to them that way.

So to save the company a buck or two, you are willing to spend about a buck or two of your time.  That doesn’t sound like a fair trade to me.  And I bet if you asked them for a discount because you didn’t click on the advertisement, they’d just laugh at you.

The cost of advertising is factored into the cost of the product.  You are paying for the ad when you buy the product even if you didn’t click on the ad to get to the advertiser’s site.  So don’t be afraid to click the ad.  That’s what makes the Internet economy work.

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