Logitech Webcam Pro 9000


Video calls have always offered the promise of connection to your distant friends and family. But for many of us, getting the hardware and third-party software to work has been a challenge. Isn’t it about time for an all-in-one webcam and software solution designed to make video calling easy for everyone? Wait no more. Your Logitech webcam comes with new Logitech Vid, the easiest video-calling application ever. Vid one-click-to-call software works seamlessly, right out of the box, with any new or existing Logitech webcam. So you can just relax and enjoy sharp, clear video conversations without hassles. And it’s also free for anyone you call, no matter what webcam they use.

Webcam Pro 9000 is designed from the start to make sure you look your absolute best on camera. Capture your live video conversations in razor-sharp detail with top-of-the-line features, including Carl Zeiss optics, the leading name in high-precision camera lenses.

Ultra-smooth Autofocus
Lean in for an extreme close up, step back for a long shot or get the whole family in a wide shot—your image won’t lose focus. The lens automatically adjusts to your every move for smoother video chats without fuzzy images, stutters and distractions.

RightLight2 Technology for the ideal image-even in dim light

Dim light                                    Back light                      RightLight

Say you’re making a late-night video call to a caffeinated friend in another hemisphere. The only light on is a desk lamp, leaving your face in the dark. No problem. Logitech RightLight2 Technology instantly detects and corrects poor lighting—even tricky back- and side-lighting that would otherwise hide your face in shadows. It’s like having your own lighting technician who instantly adjusts and balances the brightness on you, the foreground and background. Now, looking great on camera is so easy, it’s brilliant.

Premium integrated microphone with RightSound Technology for crystal-clear conversations

With some webcams, your “voice, voice, voice” echoes back during a video call. Logitech RightSound Technology automatically cancels distracting echoes and background noise. So video calls sound as clear and natural as talking in the same room. Want your video calls to be more private? It’s as simple as adding a headset.




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