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Yesterday I was asked a question that I thought was one thing and ended up being another.  But the question I thought it was is one worth answering here because it takes so darn long to find the answer.

How do you get dotnetnuke to collect user profile information while a user is self-registering for access to your portal?

Like anything, it’s not that hard if you know how.

This is how you enable this feature in dotnetnuke 5.  First, you’ll want to log in as the administrator.

Once you’ve done that you’ll navigate to “Admin” > “User Accounts”.  At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a link: “Manage Profile Properties.”  Make the properties you want to show up on the registration page “required.”

Once you’ve saved your settings, click “cancel” to get back to the main “User Accounts” screen.  On that screen, click the “User Settings” link.  Scroll to the bottom.  There should be a setting labeled, “Require a Valid Profile for Registration.”  Set that to “true” and save your settings.

You should now see the required profile properties on the registration screen.

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  • wow, this will be great to track the user info that are visiting my blog, but where do these information are stored in a temporary LOG (.INI) file or direct to database ?

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