DotNetNuke 5.x Can’t Move Module On A Page


As I mentioned a couple of days ago, the move to dotnetnuke 5 has brought about a few changes.  Some of them are design decisions that are just frustrating, like not being able to see that a module is viewable by the administrators only.  Others are bugs, like not being able to press the ENTER key while searching for a user, like we discussed a couple of days ago.

Today I’d like to alert you to a design decision that may cause you some trouble.

We’ve had the 3 design modes, View, Edit, and Layout, in DNN for a while now.  View lets you see the page as the end user will see it.  Edit lets you make changes to the page and move the modules around.  Layout will only let you move modules around.

The change that has been made is that you can now only move modules around on a page using drag and drop in layout mode.

You will notice that you can now only see the pane slots during layout mode.

So if you are working on your site and you can edit but you can drag and drop the modules into other panes, either use the module’s menu to move it, or switch to layout mode.

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