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I recently changed my theme to one that has a dark background with light content areas and discovered that Windows Live Writer, the blog editor I use to compose my blogs, doesn’t pick up the style for the content area when it decides what to display in the editor window.

Surely, this can’t be that hard to fix.  But where does Live Writer store the template information?  And can I change the information without mangling the “Preview” display?

The first took a quick search on Google, where I found How to Manually Edit Blog Styles for Windows Live Writer.  The problem is, the article was written for Windows XP and I’m using Windows 7.  It didn’t map all that well.

For those of you using XP, the answer is:

C:\Documents and Settings\[USER]\application Data\Windows Live Writer\blogtemplates\

For Windows 7 and I assume Vista, the answer is:

C:\Users\[USER]\AppData\Roaming\Windows Live Writer\blogtemplates\

There will be a separate directory with a GUID for a directory name for each update.  Your job is to figure out which is yours.  Just do an update again and look for the most recent time stamp.

Inside the GUID directory is two other directories with the CSS and images for your site. One seems to control the Edit view and the other seems to control the Preview view.

You’ll need to do a little trial and error, but all you really need to do is find the CSS for the BODY tag in the style sheet (or one of the style sheets) and change it to a lighter color.

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2 Responses to “Where Does Live Writer Store Themes”

  • If I can remember rigth, you can let Live Writer to update automacticly your new theme? Check for it on the configuration for your blog, last time i change my blog’s theme, live writer could get it rigth

    • Dave:

      Try using a theme with body{background: black;} and the content area white with black text. I’ve had several themes that don’t work. For example the theme I’m using on this blog now. And yes, I’m using the most recent version of LW