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ASP.NET Interview Questions For New College Graduates


I’m not the first to write on this topic and probably won’t be the last.  But I do have something to say on the matter that I think is helpful.

In fact, there has been quite a bit written about interviewing for ASP.NET, but relatively little written about how to interview, and what to look for, in a student who just recently graduated from college.

So here is my list.

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ASP.NET Cross Domain Form Submission


Not to be confused with cross page posting, cross domain submission allows us to post the contents of an ASP.NET form to a completely different domain.

To achieve this we will need to use a bit of javascript and you’ll need to resort to using regular HTML controls.

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Upload a File via WebRequest Using CSharp


I got this question a couple of weeks ago but just never had the time to put into answering fully.  But today I have some extra time due to the fact that I’m under-booked with projects.

The question went something like this:

“I want to be able to upload a file from a desktop application to a web site that has a form that accepts the file as a post.  How do I do that?”

And while I’ve done some things in the past that come close, I’ve never had to do this exact task.  But it does look interesting.

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ASP.NET Authentication – Multiple Domains w/ Same Application


In our series about ASP.NET authentication so far we’ve covered all the rather normal cases where you’d want to have the ability to log into different domains attached to the same application.  There are a few additional hurdles you’ll need to overcome to make this work correctly.

The first is, how do I let each domain have its own unique set of logins?

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Embedding Google Search Appliance Results in ASP.NET


Several of the projects I’m involved with use the Google Search Appliance for their search engine.  For each of these projects, we’ve wanted to integrate the results on an ASPX page so that the results look like they are part of the site rather than taking them to another site to display the results.  This is achieved by using the XML Control, the Google XSLT file, and some good old-fashioned search and replace.

It has been a while since I’ve actually worked on this code.  Mostly we just copy, paste, and modify from one project to another, but I hope to give you enough here to at least get you started doing this yourself, if not everything you need.

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