jQuery 1.4 Released


Just in case you missed it, jQuery 1.4 was released with significant speed improvements, bug fixes and of course some API changes that you need to be aware of.

One of the more interesting changes that I’ll note here is the decreased use of polling within the framework.  I’ve used polling myself to detect when elements are available, but jQuery now uses the readystatechange event instead of polling when possible.

I think I’ll try using that method myself on some of my apps.

The news of the jQuery release hasn’t gone unnoticed by the blogosphere:

jQuery 1.4 Released: The 15 New Features you Must Know | Nettuts+ – jQuery 1.4 was recently released. This wasn’t simply a maintenance release as some had speculated; there are many new features, enhancements and performance improvements included in 1.4! this post covers the new features and …

Ajaxian » jQuery 1.4 is released – The incredibly popular jQuery library has released jQuery 1.4 on a new website that will celebrate 14 days of jQuery. There are a lot of new features, and as usual performance gains are showcased. Easy Setter Functions: For a while now, …

jQuery 1.4 Resources For Developers | W3Avenue – jQuery 1.4 include several changes and new additions to the framework. W3Avenue has compiled a list of resources for jQuery developers that will help you get up to speed with some of these new features and changes.

jQuery: » jQuery 1.4 Released – This is just a short post to say that jQuery 1.4 has just been released and all CatchMyFame plugins are compatible. All demos have been updated to use the new 1.4 version. If you encounter any issues, please let me know. […] …

jQuery 1.4 and Malformed JSON « Katz Got Your Tongue? – If you have server-side JSON that can’t be quickly fixed in the transition to jQuery 1.4, you can use the compatibility plugin, which tries to patch a number of small incompatibilities, or you can use this workaround: …

jQuery Snippets & jQuery 1.4: What’s your opinion? « John Sheehan … – jQuery 1.4 was released today and jQuery founder John Resig said in a webcast that 1.4.x would be shipping with visual studio 2010. The jQuery Snippets for VS 2010 project I released in December currently has support for jQuery 1.3.2. …

making games, making webs.: Jquery 1.4 – Another quality jquery release… jquery 1.4. Some very handy changes, my favourite probably being able to use functions to set values. In short, some of the changes are: setting values with functions; html5 form support …

jQuery 1.4 is released | Programming Blog – The incredibly popular jQuery library has released jQuery 1.4 on a new website that will celebrate 14 days of jQuery. There are a lot of new features, and as.

jQuery 1.4 performance improvements | The Bright Lines – Yesterday jQuery 1.4 was released. They celebrate it with a special website: jquery14.com. There are a lot new features, but what I definitely like is the performance that improves with every release. Here are a few graphics from that …

jQuery UI 1.7.2 not ready for jQuery 1.4? | SKFox – jQuery UI 1.7.2 not ready for jQuery 1.4? There seems to be a bug when you use them together.

JQuery 1.4 (JavaScript library) is now out – Twitter conversation – JQuery 1.4 (javascript library) is now out code.google.com and @khanali says it’s “just simply GREAT!” – Scobleizer (Robert Scoble) Twitter conversation.

JQuery 1.4, YUI: JSON ParseError – Quotes Required … – Someone just sent me a message asking me to update my imBannerRotater plugin because they were receiving a parseerrormessage with JQuery 1.4. I tested the.


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