Do You Wear a Watch? (results)


A few days ago I asked the question on Twitter and Facebook.  I got some pretty interesting comments along the way.

I asked the question because I recently “won” a watch at a chamber of commerce event I was at.  It is a ladies watch.  I can’t find any women who want it because none of them wear watches.

That got me to thinking, “does anyone wear a watch anymore?”

It turns out that most people do not.

Here are some of the more interesting responses (to me anyhow).  If I don’t mention your post, please don’t be offended.  I can’t post them all.

clbennet @Dave_Bush I haven’t worn a watch in 10 or 15 years      

Sounds like me.

mcmcom @Dave_Bush i wear a watch, in my pocket,  it comes with email, video and music too.

BenAlabaster @Dave_Bush No; I do rarely – if I go to an event that requires me to dress up.  But not day to day.

LocalJoost @Dave_Bush Not while typing ;-)


Actually, several people said that.

And a Facebook friend said,

nope, when with a bunch of friends and someone asks for the time, you see everyone pulling out their cell phones :)

As my wife pointed out, the sample set is kind of predictive of the results.  I only asked people on Twitter and Facebook.  But it does appear that a watch is more jewelry than a necessity anymore.

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One Response to “Do You Wear a Watch? (results)”

  • I knew that watches would soon be becoming a thing of the past when they got rid of our ability to “call time” that we had out here in California, that is: we used to be able to call a phone number to get the correct time. But, now with cell phones being such a common possession, I guess no one has the need for a service like that anymore.

    The times, they are indeed a changin’, if you will.. ;-)

    - Daryn

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