Paging on a Datalist


This morning, my email had the following question:

“I am having a problem with datalist. Is it possible to do paging on datalist? If yes, what is the solution? I am using VB.NET on Microsoft visual studio 2008. Any recommend extension or solution?”

While I’m pretty sure I’ve addressed this in a previous article, I couldn’t find it doing a quick search, so I’ll review this issue again this morning.

The short answer is that, no you can’t do paging in a DataList. I created a hack for this back in 1.x, but there is no need for that anymore.

The DataList is a web control from the .NET 1.x days and has since been replace with the ListView control.

You can find my discussions of DataList to ListView conversion here:

Other Places Talking About DataList and Paging

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