Monthly Archives: February 2012

Cool Free ASP.NET AJAX Rich Text Editor

Nice start on a WYSIWYG browser based editor. 

It’s released under the MS-PL license.  You can get the full information at:

Brad Abrams : Cool Free ASP.NET AJAX Rich Text Editor

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DotNetNuke Response.End() Doesn’t End

screamOK.  This one is just plain annoying!

For some reason that I’ve yet to be able to track down, Response.End() seems to have no impact at all under DotNetNuke.

I tried various hacks.  Including the one you’ve probably seen already about executing Response.End() twice. … Read the rest

DataSets, TableAdapters, and Transient Retry Logic For SqlAzure

ppl-men-055The main project I’m working on these days is moving several web sites to Azure.  It is something I’ve wanted to be able to try for a while.  I’m working with several other agencies on this project and some Microsoft consultants so there is some good guidance along the way.… Read the rest