Monthly Archives: June 2012

Tracking down SQL Server Connection Issue

Same client as yesterday, but new problem.

Today, they finally got the new parts they needed to get their SQL server back up and running.  Which was the main problem that caused yesterday’s question.  Only, the web server(s) could not connect to the SQL server.… Read the rest

DotNetNuke Modules – Install DNN into VS 2008

Today, we will install DotNetNuke into Visual Studio so that we can create our first module. So fire up Visual Studio, and let’s get going.… Read the rest

DotNetNuke – Avoiding Container Collision

So many of the skin and container sets I buy are written in such a way that if I were to mix and match my containers, graphic disaster would strike my page.

Fortunately, the problem is rather easily fixed. But if more designers thought about this potential problem and applied the simple fix to avoid it, it would save us all time and make the skin all that much more valuable.… Read the rest

jQuery – Creating Plug-ins

spider Last week we looked at how to have jQuery execute our own functions. I suggested at the time that if you were going to need to use that function in multiple applications, you might want to consider turning it into a plug-in.… Read the rest