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ASP.NET JSON and ViewState

imageI received the following question recently about my article “ASP.NET AJAX using JSON – Here’s how.

If we update the value of a textbox or label via a JSON web service call – will the value of that textbox/label be written to the viewstate or whatever so that the server side code can see the new values that came from the JSON request?

The short answer is, “no, it will not update viewstate.”  But I think it would be helpful to understand when this is important rather than just giving you a blanket answer.

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Decimal vs Float (Single) or Double

money-016 When you need to deal with a number that is a fraction, what do you specify for its type?  If you are like most programmers I know, you’ll reach for Float (Single if you are using VB) or Double.

If you are working with currency, though, this could get you into a lot of trouble.

Here’s why.

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