Monthly Archives: November 2012

Advanced CSharp – yield

tran-land-05 Have you ever had a situation arise where you want to create a function that returns a collection of results and you want the results to be listed in a for each loop? 

Sure you have.  And I bet I know what your code looked like too:

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jQuery – Modal Dialog

87Tr Last week I introduced the jQuery Dialog plugin, which allows us to put various dialogs on the screen.

I only gave out the basics of this flexible widget to keep things simple.  Today, I want to expand on that a bit by showing off some of the other capabilities.… Read the rest

DotNetNuke – Missing Content in Modules

So, I ran into a problem a couple of days ago that took two days to figure out.  Since my search in Google turned up nothing, I’m posting it here just in case someone else does the same stupid thing.… Read the rest

DotNetNuke Skins – ASCX vs HTML mode

IMG_1408 I got a question yesterday from a designer who is unfamiliar with ASP.NET asking what the difference is between ASCX mode and HTML mode when developing skins and containers for DotNetNuke.

I thought it might be useful to the community if I answered this for everyone.… Read the rest