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C# Self Executing Anonymous Function

arct-059Not because it is all that new, but because it took me a while to find it, here’s how to create a self executing anonymous function using CSharp, just like you can do in JavaScript.

return 0;



Func<int> says the the delegate will return an integer.  If you need to pass a parameter you can use the alternate form of Func<parameterType,returnType>

delegate() {return 0;} is just basic delegate syntax that I’ve discussed in the past.

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Why CSS ID selectors are Evil in ASP.NET Web Forms

Anyone familiar with CSS knows that class selectors are generally reserved for controlling how an element looks (font, color, size, etc) and id selectors are generally reserved for where the element is positioned on the screen.  The reason for this is that id selectors correspond to the id attribute of the elements on the screen and if you are using well formed html, you can only have one element on the page with any specific ID.  That is, IDs are unique.

However, ASP.NET uses that exact same feature of IDs… that they are unique.. to ensure that an ASP.NET control or an HTML control with the runat=”server” attribute set also have unique IDs, and this is where all the problems start.

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