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Dispose, Finalize and SuppressFinalize


I got the following question recently.

What is the difference between Dispose and
SupressFinalize in garbage collection?”

The problem with this question is it assumes Dispose and SupressFinalize have similarities, which I’m sure is not what is being asked here.  So let’s rephrase it in terms that make sense.

I see three methods available to me in .NET that all seem to have something to do with garbage collection.  Can you explain what Dispose, Finalize, and SupressFinalize do and why I could use or call each one in my code?”

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Test Sending Email without a Server in ASP.NET

back-041 By now, most people are familiar with the fact that ASP.NET will send mail from the codebehind by simply adding a few lines to your web.config file and adding another few lines of code in the codebehind file.

But it wasn’t until recently that I found that you don’t need to have access to an SMTP server to test your code.

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