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Software Architecture without Test Driven Development is DANGEROUS!

TDD Impacts Software ArchitectureI’ve had two incidents recently that have shown me how TDD impacts Software Architecture.  Both of these are with code I’m working on.

What Software Architecture Might Do

Software architecture might specify how is put together at a very high level.  For example, software architecture might specify that we use a three tiered approach or an n-tiered approach.  This approach places our view code is at one level, our business rules are at another level, and our data access at yet a third level.

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Is JavaScript Broken?

IsJavaScriptBrokenI read a post this week that was essentially a rant on the way JavaScript handles concatenation.  It states that JavaScript is in someway “broken” (without actually using that word) because JavaScript does not work the way this person expected it to.

Here is a rebuttal.

JavaScript works the way JavaScript was designed to work, and the way many other languages work.  The fact that it does not have the Do_what_I_was_thinking() function is a separate issue (which so far as I know, no language has yet).

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Selenium Grid Setup

SeleniumGridSetupMy experience with setting up Selenium Grid was frustrated by the lack of information available about exactly what I needed to do to get this working.

I’ve actually had this working for a while now and I’ve set it up, or helped others set it up now, several times.  So, I guess it is time to write a post about it so I can just send people here when I need to explain the setup.

Note, the following discussion already assumes you know something about how to use Selenium without the Grid so there won’t be a lot of code here other than what is need to get the Grid up and running so you can run your test on it.

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