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JavaScript Scope


If you’ve been programming in any other environment than JavaScript for a while, you may be making assumptions about JavaScript Scope that just aren’t true.  One of those assumptions is how variables get evaluated when you run the JavaScript code and what variables are visible and at what point in the code they are visible.

Just as a test to see how well you know your JavaScript, let’s create a few tests scenarios.

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Why Is It Called “Inversion of Control”?

CHIL0007There is a guy I’m working with who is trying to wrap his head around design principles.  He’s been watching a lot of PluralSight videos.  As he was processing information about Inversion of Control, he asked the natural question I’ve never actually considered before.  “Why is it called Inversion of Control?  Normally, when you talk about ‘Inversion’ you are talking about reversing something or negating something.  That isn’t what we are doing here.”

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