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JavaScript Crazy Talk – Are you guilty?

I heard this so frequently, I decided it is time to write about it.

(When writing web applications)  Business rules always belong on the server.

One of the last conversations I had at the last place I was working was on this same issue.  And, I had a similar reaction a couple of years ago when I was doing a Selenium testing presentation and mentioned that the organization I was currently working for put all of the code on the client side and that the only thing the server did was save the data.

Maybe you believe the same thing?

Nothing is ever that cut and dry.


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Multi-Threaded JavaScript – Not The Problem You Think

A couple of weeks ago, I posted 7 Reasons Every Programmer Needs to Learn JavaScript.  In the comments, Dean tried to refute my arguments first by claiming that my sources for JavaScript’s popularity were “a problem” because JavaScript is used in combination with other languages.  A point I refute in the comments.  But then he goes on to claim that “JavaScript is poorly suited for client side applications” because JavaScript is “Single Threaded”.  At this point, I just sighed and realized that Dean doesn’t want to learn JavaScript and that there MUST be some reason I’m not seeing for why he is so critical of JavaScript.

But then Brandon jumped in and offered a very clear defense of JavaScript on the server side.  Nearly making this post unnecessary.

And yet, there are things that were not said, and most people will never see the great comments that Brandon supplied.  And so we look at Multi-Threaded JavaScript in depth.


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Create A Desktop Application using Angular, Bootstrap and C#

Last week I mentioned that it is possible to create a desktop application using JavaScript and that I had actually started working on an application that used Angular and Bootstrap for the presentation layer.  I actually have enough of that working that I can share the “how-to” with you.


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7 Reasons Every Programmer Needs to Learn JavaScript

In my recent discussions with hiring managers about how hard it is to find good developers, the realization has slowly dawned on me that the programming language to learn today is JavaScript.  This is particularly true if you are a web developer, but I would be inclined to just make a blanket statement.  If you are a programmer, you should learn JavaScript.


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CefSharp Offscreen [Why do I have so many instances of Chromium?]

I’ve been using the CefSharp.Offscreen library to drive the Chromium browser for a couple of months now.  While the code I’ve been working on has been working correctly, I could never figure out why so many instances of Chromium are left dangling in my task manager.  Oh, they’d all go away once I exited the application, but then it would take a very long time for my application to completely close because there were so many instances of Chromium hanging around.

This past week, I finally figured out how to keep the number of Chromium instances in line with the number of off-screen browser windows I was actually creating.

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