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Multi-Threaded JavaScript – Not The Problem You Think

A couple of weeks ago, I posted 7 Reasons Every Programmer Needs to Learn JavaScript.  In the comments, Dean tried to refute my arguments first by claiming that my sources for JavaScript’s popularity were “a problem” because JavaScript is used in combination with other languages.  A point I refute in the comments.  But then he goes on to claim that “JavaScript is poorly suited for client side applications” because JavaScript is “Single Threaded”.  At this point, I just sighed and realized that Dean doesn’t want to learn JavaScript and that there MUST be some reason I’m not seeing for why he is so critical of JavaScript.

But then Brandon jumped in and offered a very clear defense of JavaScript on the server side.  Nearly making this post unnecessary.

And yet, there are things that were not said, and most people will never see the great comments that Brandon supplied.  And so we look at Multi-Threaded JavaScript in depth.


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