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Adventures Working With Angular’s $scope

Every week when I write, I try to think back on the past week and think, “What have I learned that might be useful to others.”  Most weeks that is a pretty easy question to answer because I get most of my pleasure from learning new stuff.  But this week was different. When I sat down to write today, I couldn’t come up with a subject that couldn’t be covered with a sentence.  More of a tweet than a blog post.  It was so bad that I decided to go run the errands that are on my list and come back to it once I got home.

Evidently, that was a good move because I think I have something that will be genuinely useful.  Although I will admit that if you’ve been working with Angular for very long at all, you may have already learned what I’m about to explain.


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How to be (Personally) Agile

When I first wrote down the idea for this post, I was originally thinking about how we might use agile development practices in a work place that practices Water Fall or worse.  But since then, I’ve expanded my thinking to include the concept of using agile everywhere, including where it “isn’t allowed.”

Here’s what I’m talking about.  What does your work environment look like?  Many of the places I end up working either are using no formal process at all, or weakly attempt some form of Scrum or Water Fall.  In fact, my current major gig has a “project manager” (I use the term loosely) that manages our project with MS Project.  There is not even a formal issue tracking system.  And this is at a very LARGE organization that SHOULD know better.


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Random computer freeze linked to unlikely culprit

For months now I have been suffering from the dreaded random computer freeze.  It has gotten progressively worse.  Everything I’ve tried to do to fix the problem has failed.  I know what you’re thinking too.  “Must be a virus.”  Yeah, except I have run multiple virus checkers and come up empty.  I read someplace else that maybe it was a driver issue.  OK, but which driver?  Memory?  I guess that is possible, but not likely.  I’ll admit that is one thing I didn’t check.

The great thing about this issue is that it has caused me to write better code, because the code I’m currently working on would fail as it was writing to the database, even though the database is on the same computer.  So, now I make it try three times, with 2 minutes in between, before giving up.  Fortunately, it isn’t a routine that NEEDS to be fast.  In fact, it is better if it is not.


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Are You Doing Angular Right?

I’ve written that I’m using Angular to write a couple applications before.  One at my main contract and a couple side projects.  I know I’m kind of late to the game, but one of my frustrations with the documentation around Angular is that very little of the sample code that you can find on the Internet shows the sample using anything close to a best practice.  That’s the danger of writing about something you are too familiar with.

So, in this post, I’d like to cover a few best practices that I’ve discovered, or implemented in my own code, and explain in a bit more detail what is going on inside the controller.  I concentrate on the controller because this is a place that will be used the most.  Once you understand it, the rest of what you need to know will trickle down to services, factories, and directives.


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