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Random computer freeze linked to unlikely culprit

For months now I have been suffering from the dreaded random computer freeze.  It has gotten progressively worse.  Everything I’ve tried to do to fix the problem has failed.  I know what you’re thinking too.  “Must be a virus.”  Yeah, except I have run multiple virus checkers and come up empty.  I read someplace else that maybe it was a driver issue.  OK, but which driver?  Memory?  I guess that is possible, but not likely.  I’ll admit that is one thing I didn’t check.

The great thing about this issue is that it has caused me to write better code, because the code I’m currently working on would fail as it was writing to the database, even though the database is on the same computer.  So, now I make it try three times, with 2 minutes in between, before giving up.  Fortunately, it isn’t a routine that NEEDS to be fast.  In fact, it is better if it is not.


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