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4 Reasons To Drop MVVM

The MVVM design pattern has been around for quite a while now.  It has a lot of strengths when done correctly. But, I believe the time has come to recognize that MVVM has a lot of shortcomings that point to its demise.  Since I primarily develop web applications, I will keep this discussion centered on the use of MVVM in web applications.  The use of MVVM for desktop may or may not have these same issues.

I realize that for some of you, the very suggestion of dropping MVVM will invoke a negative emotional response.  Some very smart people have quit their job at the suggestion that MVVM and its close cousin two-way data-binding, be abandoned in favor of another way.  But just for a few minutes, I would like for you to stop treating programming as a religion and consider the possibility that there may be a better way.


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