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10 Reasons Projects Succeed

We’ll get to Reasons Projects Succeed soon, but I need to do some setup work first.

I’ve been thinking about starting an Open Source project for a while.  The only issue was; I didn’t have an idea for a project that didn’t already exist.  Now I do.  So, I’ve begun the process.

The issue with starting a project like this is that I would much rather just start coding.  In fact, I would much rather not even make this Open Source.  But making it Open Source has forced me to face project management issues head on.

I’ve been listening to enough podcast recently to know that putting something up on GitHub isn’t going to make a project Open Source any more than it will make it successful.  Therefor, I’ve decided to start the project as though it had a team of people already working on it.  It is a team of one for now.  But, one thing I’ve learned in life is that having the structure in place to handle a larger team now will not just benefit me in the future, but it will actually help my small little team of me today.

I’ve started looking at other successful Open Source projects to see what they are doing and to determine what components of what they are doing I want to include in my project.  As I’ve gone through this exercise, the thought occurred to me, “If the organizations I’ve worked for implemented half of what these projects implement, the projects would have been run so much more efficiently and the projects that were in trouble may have avoided the trouble.”

10 Reasons Projects Succeed
Photo credit: Nguyen Vu Hung (vuhung) via Visual Hunt / CC BY

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