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Secrets to Styling Angular2

This past week, while working on a new project, I discovered some secrets to styling Angular2 that I don’t think are very well known.

There are two specific issues I needed to solve this week that took a bit of digging.  The first was that I wanted my routes to fade in and out as I move between routes.  The second was that I was using a grid control from a third party and I needed to style an inner component.  We will cover both as well as some more basic operations.

Secrets to Styling Angular2
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How to be a Lucky Programmer

I’ve been studying topics related to social science recently and one item that keeps popping up in various places is the idea of luck.  It turns out that lucky people aren’t really all that lucky.  There life has been arranged either by them directly or indirectly by their environment so they end up having more chances of good things happening to them.

So, how can we apply this to programming?  How can you be a lucky programmer?

How to be a Lucky Programmer
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What if Everything Was Immutable?

The first time a programmer who was trained in the classical procedural/object oriented history is confronted with the concept of making everything immutable, the first question that comes to mind is, “won’t that make my application slow?”  This is because of how most programmers have been trained.  Making everything immutable generally means that we must copy a lot of memory from one place to another.  Moving memory around is generally considered slow. And so, most programmers dismiss the whole idea as crazy talk.  But is it really all that crazy?

What if Everything Was Immutable?
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The Irrational fear of JavaScript “Script Kiddies”

Over the last several months, I’ve seen a lot of whining, complaining a fear regarding Angular 2 in particular and the JavaScript platform in general.

Terms like “JavaScript fatigue” are indicative of the attitude.

Another place I see this is with the recent announcement from the Angular team stating there will be another major point release every six months.  Like this is a bad thing?

Or the general attitude that particular (modern) design decisions that have been made in some of the more recent frameworks that have been released are bad for JavaScript.

And I look at that and honestly wonder why these people are programming in the first place.  If change bothers you, you are really in the wrong industry.

The Irrational fear of JavaScript "Script Kiddies"
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