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Why more Angular Modules are Better than One

I recently reviewed some Angular code that uses one module.  The AppModule. To manage the entire code base.  And, this isn’t tiny code base.  The main excuse I’ve heard for this is that the code originated during the beta cycle, prior to NgModule being added to the framework.  I call it out as an excuse because once it was added, it was clear that we needed to have more than one module.  The fact that this code base doesn’t have more than one module shows a disregard for doing things right over doing things fast.  In the best case, it shows ignorance.

But, the larger question this code base raises for me is this: “Why are more modules better than fewer modules?”  After all, using one module obviously works.  Isn’t the fact that it works sufficient enough?

And here are three really good reasons to use more modules.

Why more Angular Modules are Better than One
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