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DotNetNuke Modules – Anatomy of the View

Now that we’ve laid the foundation of DotNetNuke modules, it is time to start looking at the specific modules. While it would be practically impossible to cover every detail and every API feature of a DotNetNuke component, we do want to look closely enough that you know what you are looking at as you are trying to write your code.

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DotNetNuke – FileUploadControl Danger!

ppl-wom-027 A couple of days ago I was working with a client who was having trouble using the File Upload Control from within a DotNetNuke module.

The problem we were seeing was that although all the code had been written correctly and looked just like every other implementation of the code I had ever used when the server side tested to see if a file had been uploaded, the file was not there… even though we had just uploaded a file.

What The Expletive?

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Debugging TypeScript Under DotNetNuke

I’ve been playing with TypeScript for the last couple of weeks and I’ve fallen in love.  Now I can write JavaScript code without having to switch between thinking about the problem in terms of object oriented programming (csharp) and kind of sort of object oriented programming (javascript).

But, what I’ve had trouble getting to work is using the sourcemap feature to debug in TypeScript instead of debugging in the resulting JavaScript.  Not that I can’t read the resulting JavaScript, I can.  But, I invariably end up changing the JS source instead of the TS source.

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DotNetNuke SecurityException AspnetHostingPermission


Yesterday I was setting up DotNetNuke for a designer on a computer at a corporate location so that he could start working on CSS for some of our custom modules.  He had an earlier version of DNN installed, so you’d think that it would “just work” but there seems to be a new module or something going on that caused the AspnetHostingPermission exception to get thrown so that we couldn’t even run the web site.

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