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iTextSharp – HTML to PDF – Writing the PDF


Last week we parsed the HTML and created code that keeps track of the various attributes we are going to need when we create the PDF.  Today we will finish the code and create the Elements that we can include in our PDF document.

One consideration we will need to keep in mind as we write out the PDF is that we have pushed various font characteristics that may overlap onto our stack.

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iTextSharp – HTML to PDF – Parsing HTML


Now that we have the HTML cleaned up, the next thing we will want to do is to parse the HTML.

In my actual code for this, I parse the HTML and create the PDF at the same time, but for the purposes of these posts, I’m going to deal primarily with parsing the HTML here and then deal with the PDF creation code later.

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iText IN ACTION – Creating and Manipulating PDF


While this isn’t specifically targeted at iTextSharp, which we’ve been covering in recent posts, this is really the closest book you are going to find on the subject.

The basics are the same.  Keep in mind that the main difference is that setPropertyName and getPropertyName methods have been changed to .NET style properties (versus Java style) where it makes sense.  Method names start with a capital letter in iTextSharp, and event wiring is a little funky (we’ll get to that later).

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