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Changing an Existing DNN Module


Got this question this morning from the “Ask A Question” form.

“How do I make a change in an existing DotNetNuke module?  I want to add new fields to the feedback form.”

I’m assuming the question is about making changes to the module without touching the source code.

But, unfortunately, you can’t do that.

If you want to add a field to the contact us form, what you need to do is get the source from DotNetNuke and add the field to the screen(s), add the field to the database, and add the appropriate code to the business logic layer and the data access layer to make it all work.

Since I’ve already covered how to do module development elsewhere, I won’t go into those details here.

Then you’d also want to make it a new module with a different name and a new directory so that it doesn’t get overwritten when you upgrade DotNetNuke.

I know, it probably isn’t what you had in mind.  But that’s how it’s done.

There are a lot of modules that have already been written that are not all that expensive relative to the time it would take you to write this yourself.  Check out the listings on SnowCovered.

Here are a few I found with a quick scan:

Other places talking about DNN Module Development

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InteractiveWebs Blog » How to use button images in place of text … – To make the change you simply: 1. Login as Host or Admin to your dnn site. 2. Configure the module. 3. from the menu, select “Modify Look and Feel”. image. 4. From the Send / Reset Settings select “Image” from the Text of Button options …

Styling the tabs in Active Social 1.3 – Active Modules, Inc … – You should not, under any circumstance, change the styles in this file (DesktopModules/ActiveSocial/module.css). The css file loaded from the themes directory will get loaded after this one so please make all your changes there or in the skin.css. …. The most important parts are the float:none, right:185px, and the margin-top:230px;. If you are trying to modify your theme, I highly suggest Firebug or IE developer toolbar to find the classes on each element. …


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  • Sietse Wijnker

    Or you use the DNN Form&List module (was the UserDefinedTable).
    This allows word creating your own form with your own fields and setup a notification to be sent when a user or anonymous visitor submits it.