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Creating DotNetNuke Modules

I’ve decided to start a series on how to create DNN Modules since I have several clients who need to know this information and I don’t know of one good place I can send them that has it all laid out in a nice step by step process.

The things I plan to cover during this series include:

  • Setting up the DotNetNuke development environment
  • Using the DotNetNuke templates to create a module.
  • How the files in the template map to the various components of DotNetNuke
  • When to use and not use the base SQL provider classes.
  • How to use DataSets with DotNetNuke
  • Deploying your DotNetNuke module.
  • Using the deployment project to create a program assembly

What you read here will not necessarily be the DotNetNuke sanctioned way of creating a module.  But, it will be what really works.  It will tell you what you have to do when and why you need to do it and why you might want to skip it altogether.

If you’ve been frustrated by the lack of information on this subject in one location that is clear and to the point.  Subscribe to my RSS feed now so you know when the next installment comes out.

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