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Finding a CSS Class Definition

seagull A couple of weeks ago I pointed out that you could easily find the definition of a property, method, variable, or class by right-clicking the item and selecting, “Go To Definition” from the context menu.

You can also use this feature in your ASPX files to find the definition of CSS classes.  However, you cannot use this to find definitions of rules.  And if the class is not defined, you will not see the menu option and you’ll get a green squiggly under the class and the tooltip will tell you that the class is not defined.

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Visual Studio 2008 CSS Support – Not Quite : b# – One of the often-touted new features of VS 2008 is the improved CSS support. I like having intellisense for CSS, sure, but I dont’ want to have a warning for classes that don’t exist…. like this: That green squiggly indicates a …

Tryangled Dev » Blog Archive » Visual Web Developer Enhancements – Visual Studio now provides tools that make it easy to work with cascading style sheets (CSS). You can design the layout and style content in Design view by using new UI tools such as the CSS Properties window. …

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