Moving a SQL Database to 2005

I had a client call today asking how to restore a database from a backup made with SQL 2000 to a SQL 2005 server.  Turns out, he was asking the wrong question.  Most questions are like that.

What he really wanted to know was, how can I move my database from SQL 2000 to SQL 2005.

Here’s a little known fact.  At least it seems to be a little known fact (because I’ve run into several people who don’t know it is true.)

All you have to do to move a database from SQL 2000 to SQL 2005 is detach the database from 2000, copy the files to the directory you want your 2005 databases in, and then, reattach them in 2005.  "It’s just that simple."

I first discovered this when I was teaching Visual Studio 2005 and wanted to use the Pubs database, which comes with 2000 but didn’t come with SQL Server Express (2005 engine).  It worked then, and it just worked for my client.

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