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MVC – Let’s Install it.

misc_vol4_048 Unless you only read my blog, you probably already know that MVC 1.0 released yesterday.  So it’s time to install it into visual studio.

Now, you are supposed to be able to install it using the Microsoft Web Platform Installer, but when I try that, the only option I have is to install RC2, which isn’t what we want, so let’s head on over to the Microsoft download location and install it from there:


To be safe, make sure you close any copies of Visual Studio 2008 that you may have open.  (You are using 2008, right?)

Once you are done installing MVC 1.0, you’ll want to make sure it works, so fire up Visual Studio and let’s take a look.

You’ll find the templates for created a new MVC project under File > New Projects > C# > Web.  Don’t try to find it under File > New Web Site…–it isn’t there.

When you create the new project, you’ll be asked if you want to create a test unit project.  Since one of the big selling points for using MVC is that you can do better testing, you should pick this option.

Once the solution has been created with the web project and the test project, go ahead and run the web project just to see that you got it all working.

The whole process of downloading, installing, and creating the first project took about a half an hour for me and worked flawlessly.

Now, when the web project was created, it installed using the Developer Server.  I can understand this being the default since some people may not have IIS installed, but for a production system, this is wrong.  You want to change the project so that it is running under IIS.  Otherwise, you will be developing under whatever permissions you have as a user instead of the permissions that IIS/.NET have available to them, which is what you will ultimately be running this application under.  Right?

Here’s how to change it.

  • Right click the project and select “Properties” from the context menu.
  • Select the “Web” tab.
  • Under “Servers” change the radio button from “Use Visual Studio Developer Server” to “Use local IIS Server” and press the “Create Virtual Directory” button to get it registered under IIS.

It is important to note that the files will not be moved from where they were created, but they will be run under IIS, which is important if you don’t want any surprises when you deploy your final application.

Well, that’s about it for getting started.  We’ll pick this up with more details on what exactly we have available to us in a future post.

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