Real World RxJS Marble Testing Revealed

There must be some evil plot to keep this information a secret because whenever I search for how to use RxJS Marble Testing all I see is how to use it to write tests for RxJS.  Well I’ve finally “cracked the code” In this article you’ll learn the basics of RxJS Marble Testing and how to apply Marble Testing to your own code.

Real World RxJS Marble Testing Revealed
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NgRX/Store Coding Sanity Epiphany

Maybe this is all obvious to you, but since I don’t see anyone talking about this when I search for “how to do NgRX” or the various variants, I thought I’d call it out in this weeks post.

If you haven’t been following along, you’ll want to review my previous posts on NgRX.

NgRX/Store Coding Sanity Epiphany
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Functional Reactive Angular Revealed

Over the last month or so, I’ve been presenting the basics of how to use NgRX/Store with Angular.  In the past, I’ve praised the virtues of Reactive Forms, also known as Model Driven Forms.  These along with RxJS make up the pillars of Functional Reactive Angular Programming.

What is sad is that this reality is lost on so much of the Angular community.  When I listen to podcast where they talk about any of these concepts individually, Function Reactive Programming (FRP) is barely, if ever, mentioned.

But the scary thing is this, there are many people who are going to use the new Angular the way they used the old Angular and they will completely miss the main advantages.  They may even jump from Angular to React or (even) Aurelia.  And that’s just picking on the most recent frameworks.  Some will want to go back to Egypt and decide jQuery is a good choice!

Functional Reactive Programming is not just a hot new model.  It solves a lot of problems.

Functional Reactive Angular Revealed
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How to Really use NgRX — Better

Several weeks ago, I introduced NgRX as a way to manage state in your Angular applications.  You should think of that article as a basic “getting started” article.  What I want to cover today is a better way of organizing you code that solves several problems with using NgRX the way I outlined in that article.

It isn’t so much that what I wrote is “wrong” just that it is incomplete.  Today’s post is …

How to Really use NgRX Better
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