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Storing An Image To a Database in .NET


Several weeks ago I mentioned that I store the images that the user uploads to the system into the database.

Some of you have expressed an interest in how I do that.  So I plan to cover that today.

For the purposes of this article, I’m going to assume that you’ve already got the image uploaded and scaled and that all that is left is getting it into the database.

First, you need someplace to store your image.  For this, you will need a table in your database with a field of type image.

If you use a dataset as your means of accessing the dataset this will give you a field in the DataTable with a type of Byte Array (byte[]).

So it is a simple matter of taking the byte array that our scaling function returned to us and assigning it to the field in our database that has the photo and then updating our database using the new data.

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  • http://www.wallpaperstop.com Derek Dorian

    TBH i tried to put some binary into DB
    but i was satisfied with the results
    so i am not going to put any binary

  • http://www.geekblogtips.com Nishant Srivastava

    I think file uploading in the database is not a good idea, because it increase the size of our database.

  • Dave


    Yes, it will increase the size of your database. But there are several advantages that storing an image in the database provides that may make it worthwhile. The one that pushed us over the edge is the fact that we were using a server farm with a common database. Putting the images in the database eliminated our need for live sync. Not everyone will want to or need to put their images in a database, but there are times when it does make sense.

    I’m curious what your concerns are about putting it in a database?