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Technical Debt Is Inevitable


Whoa there Dave.  What are you talking about?  Have you given up the fight? You who have preached the TDD religion.  You who’ve struggled to get organizations to adopt naming conventions, to use version control systems and to use project management software.  The same guy who has implemented continuous integration on his current project?  What’s this world coming to?

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A long long time ago, in what seems now like another world, I worked for a company as a Clipper programmer.  While I was there I heard this story about a lady named Debbie.

I was told that Debbie was a programmer who used to work for this company.  Debbie was a lazy programmer.  She worked harder at avoiding work than if she just did the job she was supposed to do.

The ultimate lazy programmer

For example.  Once my boss had stopped by her desk to see how she was progressing on a report she was supposed to be writing:

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Test Driven Specifications

spiderSeveral years ago, long before the community was actively talking about Test Driven Development, I worked for a short time at a company as a “bug fixer.”  That was my role.  They had hired me because they had some software that was “basically done” but “had some issues.”  It should only take a few weeks.

The first thing they needed me to fix was that the web site was supposed to send out email.  It turns out it was a configuration problem.  But they were so impressed (“the last guy we had in here spent two weeks on that problem and still hadn’t solved the problem.”) that they gave me more and more bugs.

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Agile/Scrum Task Board for “Real Life”


The agile “Task Board,” also known as a “Scrum Board” has become a staple of the agile programming world.

“Getting Things Done” (GTD) is a process for managing task in the business world.

I mostly like what GTD does, but the classic implementation doesn’t fit how I work.

But what if we could adapt the two?

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