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TypeScript Basics for Angular Developers

For the most part, TypeScript feels a lot like JavaScript.  Most people pick it up without having any formal training.  

But, here’s the deal.  “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”

The thing that makes me most nervous about Angular is that it is structured so that you can write some really clean code.  But, you don’t have to.  Which mean most won’t.

In fact, recruiters continue to contact me about Angular jobs with rates that make it obvious that hiring an Angular programmer is the same as hiring an HTML “programmer” 10 years ago.  Sorry gang, JavaScript has grown up and so has Angular.

So, here are a few things you need to know about TypeScript that will make you a better Angular developer.

TypeScript Basics for Angular Developers
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How to Implement Angular 2+ Routing

In the old world where all of our pages were on the server and every change on the client side required a full round trip to the server, each page was a unique URL on the server.  In the SPA world, we only load one “Page” from the server and the client takes care of making it look like we have moved from one page to another.

When done well, we can create pages that reuse existing content on the screen causing a minimal screen refresh while still allowing the user to link to a specific “Page” in our application.

These “Pages” are called “Routes”  As in, here is the route to some code I want to execute.

How to Implement Angular 2+ Routing
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Real World RxJS Marble Testing Revealed

There must be some evil plot to keep this information a secret because whenever I search for how to use RxJS Marble Testing all I see is how to use it to write tests for RxJS.  Well I’ve finally “cracked the code” In this article you’ll learn the basics of RxJS Marble Testing and how to apply Marble Testing to your own code.

Real World RxJS Marble Testing Revealed
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NgRX/Store Coding Sanity Epiphany

Maybe this is all obvious to you, but since I don’t see anyone talking about this when I search for “how to do NgRX” or the various variants, I thought I’d call it out in this weeks post.

If you haven’t been following along, you’ll want to review my previous posts on NgRX.

NgRX/Store Coding Sanity Epiphany
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