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Logitech Illuminated Ultrathin Keyboard with Backlighting


I had been using the standard keyboard that came with my computer for years.  It never even occurred to me that buying another keyboard might be a good idea.  I mean, a keyboard is  a keyboard, right?

But then my keyboard died in an accident with a cup of coffee and I needed to get a new one. I ended up with the Logitech Illuminated Backlit Keyboard and all I can say is, “I was so wrong.”

Aside from the fact that this thing has programmable keys and the one that came with my computer didn’t the one thing that most impresses me about this keyboard is how smooth it is.

The keyboards I’m used to typing on kind of “chunk.”  There is no better word for it.  You probably don’t notice it.  But you will after using this keyboard.

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