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JavaScript Performance Tweaks

So, I started reading High Performance JavaScript recently and I thought now might be a good time to give a summary of what I’ve learned so far.

Up until recently, I wasn’t all that concerned about performance.  But last year I started working with EXTjs, which allows you to build desktop like apps in JavaScript using pretty much nothing but JavaScript and now performance is a much bigger concern.  It isn’t like the old days where I was supplementing the page with JavaScript.  Now, HTML is supplementing the JavaScript.

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iText IN ACTION – Creating and Manipulating PDF


While this isn’t specifically targeted at iTextSharp, which we’ve been covering in recent posts, this is really the closest book you are going to find on the subject.

The basics are the same.  Keep in mind that the main difference is that setPropertyName and getPropertyName methods have been changed to .NET style properties (versus Java style) where it makes sense.  Method names start with a capital letter in iTextSharp, and event wiring is a little funky (we’ll get to that later).

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