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3 Reasons You Believe 100% Code Coverage Is Impossible

I’ve written about Test Driven Development before.  I’ve even written about 100% code coverage before.  And I haven’t written much about it recently because I’ve been focused on JavaScript.  But, I’ve been thinking about the 100% code coverage debate more and I have a few more thoughts on the subject.

You see, the more I practice Test Driven Development, the more inclined I am to believe that there are only three reasons for arguing against 100% code coverage.

100% Code Coverage

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JavaScript Unit Test Code Coverage Using NodeJS

A couple of weeks ago, I showed how to get Node.JS and Gulp working with Visual Studio 2015.  Last week I showed you how to bundle, minify, and cache-bust using Gulp.  This week, we are going to use Node.js to provide JavaScript Unit Test Code Coverage.

The main tools we will be using to pull this off are Karma and Istanbul.  The test we write will be using Jasmine.

If you don’t use Visual Studio, you should still be able to adapt these instructions to your own environment.  I’ve found getting Istanbul setup kind of tricky at times.  Since everything I’m going to show you here is pure Node.JS, you can ignore the Visual Studio parts.

Let’s get started.

JavaScript Unit Test Code Coverage Using NodeJS

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100% Code Coverage Possible?

100% code coverage

In response to my post “Excuses For Not TestingKris K asked:

There is also another side of Unit Tests. Some companies are so fixated they aspire to have 100% Unit Tests coverage and they make programmers write Unit Tests for legacy code for no reason. Just for the sake of having Unit Tests. … [I] wonder if you had any similar experiences and what you think about this approach. I guess the 100% extreme is better than no tests at all, but it can make the developers very bored and feeling useless.

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