Access a control by ID From Within a Databound Control


Databound controls are at once very easy and very frustrating.  If you just need to do some simple databinding that gets a list of items on the screen and you need the ability to edit those items, you are all set.… Read the rest

Structure of my ASP.NET Web Applications

I’ve had some requests recently to describe how I structure my ASP.NET web applications.  To be clear, this is not the only way to structure your application.  It is MY way.  It works for me and it works for all of my clients.  If you don’t already have something that’s working for you, it will probably work well for you as well.… Read the rest

DotNetNuke Modules – DNN Controls – Label

The DotNetNuke framework has several built-in controls that you should use instead of the controls you would typically use in an ASP.NET application. Before we can go much further, we need to review the controls that are available so that you know what is available prior to starting your development efforts.… Read the rest